Strategic Analysis Training | APG region - ECOFEL
Strategic Analysis Training | APG region

Strategic Analysis Training | APG region

On March 21 to24, 2022, the Egmont Centre of FIU Excellence and Leadership (ECOFEL) hosted a virtual course series on “Strategic Analysis” for the Asia and Pacific region. This event featured comprehensive presentations by AML/CFT experts Peter El Sharoni, Oxana Gisca, John Grajales, and Mary Campbell. We would also like to recognize David Baker’s assistance in event facilitation.

Over the week, 25 participants from seven FIUs expanded their knowledge on the uses and benefits of strategic analysis, the stages in the development of a strategic analysis product; the importance of being aware of mindsets and biases as well as measures to minimize their adverse effects, the project and collection planning according to the intelligence cycle, and specific techniques and tools to facilitate strategic analysis activities.

The ECOFEL extends its gratitude to the presenters that provided their valued insights during the event. The ECOFEL also thanks all attendees for their engagement.   

The ECOFEL looks forward to ongoing collaboration with Asia and Pacific FIUs in the future!