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Egmont Centre of FIU Excellence and Leadership

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AML/CFT Workshops West and Central Africa Region

From September 18-21, the ECOFEL will host the "AML-CFT workshops for designated competent authorities in the West and Central Africa Region". This in-person event will be co-hosted with the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) of Ghana,...
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Modern Slavery

The ECOFEL team is pleased to announce the release of a new eLearning course titled “Modern Slavery.” This course has been developed in partnership with the Finance Against Slavery and Trafficking (FAST) initiative. In this...
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Virtual Assets Forensics

The ECOFEL team is pleased to announce the release of a new eLearning course titled “Virtual Assets Forensics.” In this course, you'll master the basics of investigating on-chain activity, including interpreting search results and visualizing...
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Ransomware Workshop

The Egmont Centre of FIU Excellence and Leadership (ECOFEL) delivered a workshop, in close coordination with FinCEN , FIU-Luxembourg , FIU-Isle of Man and Europol, on Ransomware during the 2023 EG Working Group & Regional...
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Targeted Assistance

Request ECOFEL assistance here! The ECOFEL supports Egmont members, candidates and non-members with a wide range of capacity building activities. Through its Targeted Assistance Program, the ECOFEL supports FIUs in addressing operational challenges. Seasoned experts...
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Mentorship Program

The work of a Head of FIU (HoFIU) is often demanding due to the ever increasing national and international pressure on FIUs. It can be a challenge to find solutions to complex day-to-day operational issues....
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eLearning –

Start Learning Now! The ECOFEL eLearning platform ( has been developed to deliver professional training and knowledge to FIU personnel across the globe and empower FIUs to strive towards excellence and leadership. Additionally, the platform...
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Specialized Training

The ECOFEL developed several specialized (online) training courses on a broad range of topics. Some examples are the Advanced Strategic Analysis course and the Corporate Vehicles and Financial Products course.These specialized training courses have been...
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The Secondment Program is one mechanism through which FIU-staff may be “seconded” to work in a another FIU. The aim is to grow your skills and invigorate your career. The ECOFEL is currently working on...
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Task Forces

Task Forces facilitate more effective exchange of operational information between FIUs. They also foster a shared understanding of specific potential ML/TF cases, and the exchange of operational information. Contact the ECOFEL for more information on...
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ECOFEL is Funded by the Financial Contributions of INL and SWISS Confederation.

Excellence & Leadership

FIU Leadership Development eLearning course

The ECOFEL would like to announce the launch of its new eLearning course, “FIU Leadership Development.” Produced by Dr Susan Murray of Clearpath Leadership, this...
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Become a Mentor

Many Heads of FIUs have long recognized the benefits of sharing experiences, skills, ideas, and best practices with other Heads of FIUs. With this in...
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Become a Mentee

Who knows what it’s like to be a Head of FIU better than a Head of FIU? The work of a Head of FIU (HoFIU)...
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Thanks to you and the rest of the ECOFEL team for the opportunity to present today and for organizing such an interesting dialogue with diverse perspectives and insights on the fight against IWT. Congratulations on a great event!

Laura Arguello-Williams

Laura Arguello-Williams

Well done #ECOFEL for having successfully organized this workshop despite the current COVID-19 challenges. Criminals are accumulating impressive illegal proceeds while causing #deforestation and driving endangered species to the brink of #extinction. This is serious transnational organized crime.

Fabrizio F.

Fabrizio F.

It was our pleasure to participate with 6-8 analysts in the Corporate Vehicles and Financial Instruments Course. I received good feedback from all of them regarding your (and others) presentation, many thanks for GIZ and ECOFEL that supported this event.

Behar Xhema

Behar Xhema

Dear #ECOFEL congratulations on this first anniversary. I wish for many more and lots of success. #ECOFEL is such a success story, driven by very dedicated staff.

Mark van Thiel

Mark van Thiel