Since launching in 2018, after seed funding from the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (UK), the ECOFEL has established a remarkable track record for delivering innovative, high-quality capacity-building and technical assistance programs to FIUs.

Core Donors

The EG thanks our current core donors, the Secretariat for Economic Affairs of the Swiss Confederation (SECO) and the U.S. Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL), for their commitment to excellence and leadership. Their combined contributions have accounted for 78% of the funding received by the ECOFEL program since its inception.

Other Donors

We also thank our many other donors for their strong support and dedication, who have all made the ECOFEL possible:





The ECOFEL’s activities are fully funded by voluntary contributions from donors. The ECOFEL always welcomes new donations from governments, international organizations and FIUs only. Voluntary contributions are approved by all Egmont Group Heads of FIU, and equal treatment is a core Egmont rule.

Programmatic outcomes

Since launching in 2018, the ECOFEL has earned an excellent track record for delivering innovative, high-quality capacity and technical assistance programs to FIUs.

The ECOFEL has developed several initiatives to promote excellence and leadership to the global FIU community. Among its many deliverables are the mentorship program, the targeted assistance program, several operational task forces, and the creation of specialized training courses such as the Advanced Strategic Analysis Course (ASAC). Moreover, the ECOFEL’s eLearning platform has contributed to all programmatic outcomes. It is a centralized hub for FIU training and information sharing. 

Why contribute to the ECOFEL?

Every ECOFEL donor has the flexibility to coordinate with their national authorities on how they would like to support the activities of the ECOFEL. As a donor you provide valuable inputs in the shaping of the future ECOFEL Workplans. The ECOFEL’s products are circulated globally and branded with your donor logo or national flag. Supporting the ECOFEL would enhance your jurisdiction’s international recognition and visibility while reinforcing its strong support, engagement, and commitment to AML/CFT principles.

How to contribute to the ECOFEL?

We kindly ask you to contact the Program Manager of ECOFEL, to discuss possibilities to support the ECOFEL by using the contact form on this page.