External FIU Communication

This course will help FIUs communicate with external stakeholders such as the media, the public, and partners outside of your organization. This course also provides you with information on managing press conferences, establishing a strong social media presence, and tips for communicating during times of crisis. As part of the FIU Media Toolkit, this course also includes useful communications examples, tools, and templates.

  • By the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • Understand the importance of communicating professionally and effectively with stakeholders outside of your organization.  
  • Identify your external communications objectives.
  • Learn how to prepare and conduct a successful press conference.
  • Learn how to establish a social media presence.
  • Understand how your FIU can use external communications to your organization’s advantage.

This course is part of the FIU Media Toolkit and was designed to support FIUs of varying capacities in their media and communications activities. The Toolkit provides users with communications-related eLearning courses developed by the ECOFEL. The Toolkit also includes communications-based subjects and includes templates and links to free online resources.

The “External FIU Communication” course can be accessed on the ECOFEL’s eLearning Platform: