The ECOFEL’s activities are funded by voluntary contributions (financial and in-kind). All donor contributions are subject to approval by the Heads of FIU (HoFIU). The ECOFEL budget is used exclusively for the ECOFEL’s activities. No other Egmont Group funds, including Egmont members’ annual contributions, are used to fund ECOFEL activities.

Want to contribute to the ECOFEL?

The ECOFEL acknowledges that additional voluntary contributions (AVCs) are a valuable supplement to the contributions coming from the member FIUs. The ECOFEL welcomes and utilizes AVCs, which may include donor-supported funding or in-kind contributions. The purpose of AVCs is to foster the leadership and excellence of FIUs and to promote their operational independence and autonomy. AVCs achieve this by supporting the offering of training and technical assistance, capacity building, promoting personnel exchanges, developing operational and strategic collaboration, and maintaining and granting access to a secure channel for information exchange between FIUs.

The Egmont Group’s Additional Voluntary Contributions Program highlights the criteria used by the organization for accepting donor-supported funding or in-kind contributions and the principles for administering them in compliance with good governance.

The Egmont Group’s Additional Voluntary Contributions Program can be found below. Thank you for your interest in the ECOFEL.