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The ECOFEL eLearning platform ( has been developed to deliver professional training and knowledge to FIU personnel across the globe and empower FIUs to strive towards excellence and leadership. Additionally, the platform seeks to:

        – Increase user’s knowledge and provide a means of expertise sharing
        – Enable network building within the FIU community
        – Introduce new and innovative tools for FIU operations and development 
        – Strengthen cooperation and best practices

The ECOFEL eLearning platform’s interface is available in 40 languages and offers certifications for each completed course. Platform users also benefit from the various news channels within the platform and the ‘Ask the Expert’ functionality wherein users can connect with subject matter experts on topics of concern. New course material will be introduced on a regular basis based on the learning needs of FIUs. 


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Registration is limited to:

  • Candidate/non-member FIUs
  • Egmont Group member FIUs
  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Supervisory Authorities
  • Egmont Group observers/international organisations
  • Academia (Researchers/Lecturers)
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