FIU Leadership Development eLearning course

FIU Leadership Development eLearning course

The ECOFEL would like to announce the launch of its new eLearning course, “FIU Leadership Development.”

Produced by Dr Susan Murray of Clearpath Leadership, this new eLearning course combines information from open-source and academic research as well as experiences of FIUs. The FIU Leadership Development eLearning course is tailored to help HoFIU and FIU senior management develop their leadership competencies.

More specifically, upon completion of the course, participants will have:

  • Developed an insight into their strengths, vision, and purpose as a leader. Strategies for self-development will also be developed.
  • Identified their leadership style, personality and acknowledge your biases.
  • Created a personal action plan to develop leadership, ensuring work-life integration.
  • Focused on how to engage and motivate employees, to inspire them to bring their best selves to the workplace and to achieve a shared vision for success.

This course is available on the ECOFEL eLearning Platform: