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Become a Mentee

Become a Mentee

Who knows what it’s like to be a Head of FIU better than a Head of FIU? The work of a Head of FIU (HoFIU) is often demanding due to the ever increasing national and international pressure on FIUs. It can be a challenge to find solutions to complex day-to-day operational issues.

In recognition of these challenges, ECOFEL has created an Executive Mentorship Program. The program is designed for HoFIUs with the goal of providing HoFIUs with advice from a mentor who has been or is a HoFIU. Each mentor is carefully selected and trained by the ECOFEL team.

The program offers an excellent opportunity for sharpening communication, decision-making and problem-solving competencies and learn from someone who knows what it’s like to be in your position. Sharing observations, skills, ideas and best practices with an seasoned HoFIU is an enriching and highly rewarding experience.

The level of time commitment for the program is completely up to you and your mentor. The program is fully funded by the ECOFEL. We invite you to sign up for the ECOFEL Executive Mentorship Program.