Roster of Experts

Roster of Experts

Calling all AML/CFT experts!

Are you an expert in strategic analysis with experience developing red flag indicators? Have you coached and mentored your colleagues within your FIU? Have you worked with the media?

If so, the ECOFEL encourages you to apply to become an expert for their Roster of Experts. The ECOFEL is working to build a roster of qualified regionally diverse Experts and Consultants whose skills can be applied to the AML/CFT field. These experts will assist ECOFEL in delivering technical assistance and capacity building projects aimed at supporting and strengthening FIUs.

An expert may be called upon to assist with:

  • Consultancies;
  • Mentorships;
  • Developing research;
  • Work on a wide range of media products;
  • IT assistance and/or development, and much more!

The ECOFEL is accepting applications from experts with experiences in:

  • Academia
  • Media
  • Excellence & Leadership
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • FIU Experts – Law Enforcement
  • Legal
  • Financial
  • DNFBPs Experts
  • IT
  • eLearning

Interested parties should complete the application form below and send it to